X-Smart Platform


Make wiser decisions by conducting knowledge mining through analysing business data. X-Smart Platform provides big data analysis without losing accuracy and efficiency.

X-Smart Platform is intended to expedite the established management, analytics and transitions of data, which means it is a scalable data transition platform that is constructed upon open standards and architecture to better illustrate situational awareness via the collection of data, optimal sharing and understanding of the collected data.

With X-Smart Platform as the data platform, data aggregation and analytical exchanges has never been made easier with X-Smart Platform as its focal point. Additionally, it provides the capabability to incorporate, manage and analyze information that can illustate for a much more rational bird's eye view of the data and its procured insights. This is a value-added solution that consists of pioneer Big Data Analytics technology that has matured and is proven in Singapore.


The architecture of X-Smart platform (Figure 1) consists of modular components that work together to form an integrated and complete solution stack. Simulataneously, it is flexible enough to integrate with and obtain data from external sensor gateways or data repositories which support open standards for data exchange.

a) Data Sources: External data sources in open standard formats such as CSV, JSON and TSV are fed into X-Smart platform for incorporation and analysis.

b) Data Extraction, Transformation and Ingestion: X-Smart platform contains a Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) framework which is used to manage the flow of the data, data extraction and transformation for analysis and incorporation into the system. Custom adapter development is also available if necessary.

c) Data Marketplace Portal: Authorized users can discover, explore, download and manage data in X-Smart Platform.

d) Data APIs: X-Smart Platform's API Service allows verification to resources before access can be given. Used by developers to develop data-driven apps or custom Dashboards.

e) Reports & Visualization: This section visualizes the data into data trend charts through the fusion of different datasets and attributes.

f) Data Analytics Tools: Provides preview of the data in graph or bar charts and allows user to compare and analyze correlations of attributes within a dataset.

g) Security: Role-based Access Control allows control over datasets, with logs of system events and errors in the Audit Trails.

h) Assemblage: Provides API endpoints to expedite easy incorporation with legacy and backend systems and scalable compute and storage support for data science activities.

Data ETL

Allows management, storage and ingestion of data supporting powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic (Figure 2). Capabilities and objectives includes:

  • Web-based user interface
  • Highly configurable
  • Data Provenance
  • Designed for extension
  • Secure

Exploratory Analytics Tool

Web-based tool allows user to visually analyze data from selected data and chart templates. Figure 3 and 4 shows some examples of charts that can be generated via this tool.

Name: X-Smart Platform
Date July 2013
Useful For Forecast possibility of events