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1GFS provides revolutionary solutions for business needs. Try technology breakthroughs with us and experience efficiency like never before!

Well Connected

We have collaborations throughout the Asia Pacific regions.

Tap/Touch Experience

Touch screen encounters with our technology.

Card Solutions for All

Low volume, medium volume, high volume requests? No problem!

Revolutionary Solutions

Contact, Contactless or Dual Interface technology with NFC-compliant options to your complete card solutions.

Data Analytics Platforms

Providing data analytics platforms for users dealing with data.


Aiming to be one of the top leading solution providers for financial technology services.

Who We Are

1GFS (Pte.Ltd.) is formed by a team of experienced professionals from FinTech and identification business segments. We aim to be one of the leading solution providers for FinTech & Identification Solutions in Asia Pacific. With Singapore as HQ, the company also foster agent & partner networks in the few emerging countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Japan, carrying out new business developments and system deployments on FinTech & ID business.

Our Vision

To fulfill our promise to bring the tap or touch experience to the users and partner world IC technology leaders to offer our customers Contact, Contactless or Dual Interface technology that can be NFC-compliant and complete card solutions.

Our Views

FINANCIAL technology, or FinTech, is changing the world of finance. There are hundreds of startups with a lot of brains and money working on various alternatives to traditional banking. FinTech investments have grown exponentially in recent years: US$19 billion of investment in 2015 was up two-thirds from US$12 billion in 2014 and from low single-digit billions of dollars per year earlier in the decade.

Planning according to the market analysts, 1GFS FinTech products and identification segments have the ambition to take on APAC including China as a market. The progress is expected to be fast due to a combination of: (1) high national Internet and mobile penetration, (2) a large e-commerce system with domestic Internet companies focused on payments, (3) relatively unsophisticated incumbent consumer banking, and (4) accommodative regulations.

Collectively, this market is expected to grow more than double from the US$19 billion of investment in 2015, up two-thirds from US$12 billion from 2014. This region will exceed the market forecast and is expected to see a huge demand in numerous countries over the next 3 to 5 years.

1GFS leadership team has announced an ambition to open up offices including Philippines, Malaysia & Japan in the next 6 to 12 months in different strategic locations and are expected to add multiple new job opportunities to the region.

Now, in the early part of the 21st century, retail financial services are being further digitized via mobile wallets, payment apps, robo-advisors for wealth and retirement planning, equity crowd-funding platforms for access to private and alternative investment opportunities and online lending platforms. These FinTech services are not simple enhancements to banking services, but rather replacing banking services completely. Thus, FinTech can be thought of in two broad categories: consumer-facing and institutional. It is these consumer-facing FinTech services which are quickly gaining customers and competing with banks. The most recent evolution in FinTech may change the banking landscape in some markets.

Our Tractions

Proud to be Feature on CIO Report -Top 25 Fintech in 2017 - 1GFS: Integrating Fintech and Data Analytics with AI.


SHOPAYLTICS showcase at SME TECH DAY March 2018